Call for Papers – ‘ELCOP Year Book on Human Rights’ [16th HRSS]

Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is going to organize the 16th Human Rights Summer School (HRSS) on ‘Human Rights and Terrorism’ in the month of October 2015. Carrying forward the legacy of HRSS, the ELCOP has initiated efforts for the 16th HRSS Publication. The HRSS maintaining theme-line, “Human Rights and Terrorism” may be construed in the following subheadings:

  • Causes of Terrorism and Its Internationality
  • How Human Rights and Terrorism discards Each Other
  • Analyzing the History of Terrorism (State sponsored Terrorism, Terrorist Organizations, Religious Terrorism)
  • Perspectives on Terrorism and Religious Extremism
  • Ethical Defense of Acts of Terror: The Position of Human Rights within the Spectrum
  • Religion, Human Rights and Terrorism
  • Strategies to Eliminate Terrorism based on Human Rights Norms
  • Revisiting Roles of Government Agencies from a Human Rights Perspective
  • Role of NGOs (Global/Regional/Local) combating terrorism
  • Crisis in Defining Terrorism
  • Terrorism in Bangladesh: Politics in Preventing Terrorism
  • Can Laws Stop Terrorism Successfully
  • Role of Human Rights Culture in Preventing Terrorism
  • Terrorism as a Means of Political Violence
  • Global economic order and terrorism
  • Development vs. terrorism
  • Role of Education in Combating terrorism

The paper should be written in between 5000-8,000 words excluding footnotes.

Presentation and Style Information

The publication will follow the Oxford Referencing Style. You can have a copy from internet as well. Footnotes should be collated at the end of each page. Footnotes to the title and author(s)’ names should be designated as *, † etc. Footnotes to the text should be designated as 1, 2, 3 etc. The asterisked footnote should give the author’s position, institutional address and any brief acknowledgements if required.


It is a condition of HRSS Publications that authors’ grant an exclusive license to ELCOP permitting it to reproduce and/or disseminate the author’s contribution or elements of it (e.g. abstract, metadata). In signing the license the authors retain the right to use their own material and ELCOP asks that HRSS Publication is acknowledged as the original place of publication.

Submission Deadline and Rules

You should send a single hard copy of your manuscript. The envelope should be marked as “Submission for ELCOP Year Book on Human Rights” on the top. The Deadline for sending your manuscript is: 30th July, 2015. Articles should also be submitted as an electronic form (in word format) either in CD or as an email attachment to

All submissions should be accompanied by a statement that the material is not under consideration elsewhere, and that it has not been published or is not pending publication elsewhere.



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