Event Photoblog: A Journey from New Delhi to Surat for Paper Presentation

3 4 5 9 8 7 6 10 11 12 14 18 17 16 1519 20 21 22 26 25 24 23 27 image_6 image_9 image_12 image_14image_13 image_15 image_16 image_20 image_19 image_18 image_17

image_84 image_86 image_87 image_89 image_92 image_93 image_421 image_23 image_24 image_26 image_27 image_28 image_29 image_36 image_34 image_32 image_37 image_42 image_43 image_44 image_46 image_47 image_51 image_50 image_49 image_60 image_61 image_62 image_59 image_58 image_53

image_71 image_68 image_67 image_66 image_64 image_63 image_72 image_74 image_77 image_82 image_84 image_86 image_99 image_96 image_93 image_92 image_89 image_87 image_100 image_421 image_461 image_501 image_611 image_661 IMG_8018 IMG_8017 IMG_8016 IMG_8015 IMG_8008 IMG_8004 IMG_8020 IMG_8021 IMG_8024 IMG_8025 IMG_8027 IMG_8028 IMG_8043 IMG_8042 IMG_8041 IMG_8038 IMG_8033 IMG_8030 IMG_8048 IMG_8049 IMG_8055 IMG_8060 IMG_8116 IMG_8122 IMG_8183 IMG_8173 IMG_8170 IMG_8167 IMG_8148 IMG_8138 IMG_8244 IMG_8253 IMG_8256 IMG_8355 IMG_8413 IMG_8459


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