Book Details

Book: The Taliban Cricket Club 
Author: Timeri N Murari

Nature: Fiction
Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Page: 325 pages
Price: Rs. 595


“A lovely, diverting and moving tale of contemporary Kabul, about love, courage, passion, tyranny and cricket. Murari has an uncommon tale to tell, and does so with imagination and empathy.”

– Shashi Tharoor, award-winning author of The Great Indian Novel

“A moving, splendidly realized story of courage and grit in modern-day Kabul. I was won over by Murari’s uplifting and vastly entertaining sporting tale, which reaffirms the power of friendship, fellowship, and love in the face of all forms of tyranny.”

Vikas Swarup, author of Slumdog Millionaire and Six Suspects


Story Outline:

The author’s 18th book is inspired by the Taliban’s actual and unprecedented promotion of cricket in 2000 in an attempt to gain acceptance in the global community. The fiction story uses cricket as a metaphor to stage a story of courage as well as determination in the backdrop of daunting odds.

The story brews centering an affair between ‘RUKHSANA’, a dauntless young journalist working for the Kabul Daily and ‘VEER’ from Delhi. The story approaches with nail nibbling twist and daunting events. Author brings a fictional character, Zorak Wahidi, a minister who is trying to uplift the image of Taliban-ruling Afghanistan in the international arena and at the same time posing a bulwark between the life chemistry of Veer and Rukhsana.

The fiction reveals from time to time the images of erstwhile Taliban regime that tried to veer Afghan culture and society grind to a halt. However, the plot is very simple though. Rukhsana masquerades herself as a  beard male, to coach a team of her male cousins, none of whom knows anything about the game, so that they win the tournament and the prize — a sponsored trip to Pakistan for training; in reality, a means of escape to the West and, in her case, India to meet her Delhiite lover VEER.

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